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My sports partner,armband bag for phone

My good partner,elastic armband bag for mobile phone

Recently, i bought a armband bag, that's very fantastic. 

The materials made of high quality anti-water Neoprene with elastic adjustable magic tape, two warehouse, one is master warehouse can put mobile,The sub-warehouse can put key,cards,money and other small things.

There is a special hole for headphone, of course, you have more choice. the master warehouse is double zipper design, the headphone cable can be adjustable according to your demand. very conveniencely.

when i running and riding, just taking this small bag,fasten on my arm, then, enjoy the music and not worry missing some calling.

In the past times, i always confused about taking mobile or not when i going to running, frankly, the smartphone is heavy with 5.5inch screen.

Meantime, also need to take a key and some paper. if not take the phone, i will worry missing some calling, if take it, it is hard to take when you doing GYM sports activities. the paper will be no value with sweat soon.

Now, all the problem is settled with the mobile armband pouch. 

The inside layer of the master warehouse with sponge can protect the mobile away from bumper and scratch.

the keys and the paper or money put into the sub-warehouse, keep it dry.

In fact, i found that i cannot leave it in my leisure time, running, riding,traveling and other outdoor exercises.

If you like sports and just not have the armband cellphone case bag, my advice is buy one immediately!

You will love it!!!


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