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Is iPhone 7 Plus more popular?

iPhone 7 PLus have more high lights

New Apple iPhone 7G released on 7th September according to Apple company usual practice.

The size same as iPhone 6G, the related date also lift in some extent.

But actually, no big change of the technology. in fact, many technology had already showed in other brand smartphone.

It seems that Apple iPhone left behind. is it the truth?

When you look back, you will find that Apple iPhone just carry some technology forward,not the inventor, like the curved screen, the mobile pay,The antenna,the dual camera.

REgarding the double camera, it is the high light of the iPhone 7 Plus, one is wide-angle lens and another is telephoto lens. you can change anyone according to your demand. the main target is improving photo, more HD pictures made.

There are some very good effections with double camera:

1, make photos by iPhone 7 plus close to the Digital single lens reflex, with Linx related advanced technology,two camera system co-operating More clear photos made.

2, More possibility, like the 3D. the different horizon of the two cameras,makes pictures more 3D, we called"Stereopsis".

3, AR(Augmented Reality). Recently years, the VR(Virtual Reality) and AR is very hot and one new trend of modern trchnology.

AS we know,Microsoft company is developping the HOLOLENS, it can be used buying,paying,play game and social media.

Apple company also want to researching the related technology,this is the first step with double cameras.

So, you can do more with double cameras. 

Is iPhone 7 Plus(5.5inch) more popular than iPhone 7(4.7inch)?  we asked the same question when iPhone 6 released.

actually,iPhone 6(4.7inch) is more popular, the related mobile case sold better in Europa and North Amercian market.

but this time, iPhone 7 Plus with more special character, People in Asian like more bigger screen, Asia is becoming more and more important to Apple iPhone.

Ok, let's see what will be happened in future.

One of my friend bet with me, he think the iPhone 7 mobile cover will be sold more than iPhone 7Plus skin armor.

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