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Which ROM version of iPhone 7 better for you?

How to choose the iPhone 7 Version?

Recently, some news indicated that new iPhone 7 will have three version about the ROM.

32GB, 128GB, 256GB, the 16GB and 64GB canceled this time.

It is a big change, yes,sure. as we know, the 16GB version is too small, customers have to consider the enough storage when they plan to buy iPhone, so,32GB and 64GB version sold very well. Apple company earn more than 4 billion USD by the change.

This is a good promotion way.

Now, Apple use the same way to attract customer, with the flash memory technology developing and cost down,customer spend same money can buy more storage version iPhone. in fact, people want this.

Another point, iOS becoming bigger and bigger with new function added,related APP from Apple store also need more space to store.

Of course, Apple company always want the profit maximization, they are successful.

The new iPhone 7 will be hot selling with new changes, customer hope to get more fast and more ROM smart phone.

Now, September is coming, many related phone accessory company are busy producing related phone parts, also including the cellphone case factory, orders coming, new business opportunity coming too.

Are you ready? come here to visit our website, you will find suprise products.

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