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Google use a new brand to develop their phone, Pixel

Google new phone brand-Pixel

Google released their new Generation smartphone on 5th October 2016.

Pixel and Pixel XL, Pixel screen is 5inch, Pixel screen is 5.5inch, other hardware Specification is same:

Quamcomm snapdragon 821,12.3MP,4GB LDPPR4 RAM, 32GB and 128GB ROM, USB type-C fast charging.

This time, google marked it: made by google.

Here is the some big changes points:

1, The camera performance improved big, the scores is 89 tested by DxOMark,higher than iPhone 7(scores 86),

This is good info to indicate that google pay more attention to the phone camera than before. 

frankly, the camera performance of Nexus is very simple.

2,  The Pixel have Google Assistant, this is the phonetic system, like the iPhone Siri, very intelligent.

3, The price is higher than Nexus,almost same as the iPhone 7, is google want to compete with iphone in the market?

4, The Pixel phone support the google VR system Daydream. will bring user a new experience.


My question is:why Google give up the Nexus Brand?

Nexus phone series,The sales volume is not big and not popular as iPhone and samsung Galaxy S series in the world.

Maybe Google want a new starting. Next step is need consumer to make a decision.


We can anticipate that the mobile accessory supplier is busy making related parts,Now, like the Pixel phone case.




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